Human safety should be protected

by Human's hand.

Safety Equipment - Service


Shooter (as shown in the photo) is used for evacuating from ferry when she has maritime accident. As we sometime hear about ferry is overturned, so we have to keep safety by maintaining it.


Usually, vessels are obliged to install life raft used for maritime accident. As you can see in the picture, it is in the white container like white barrel, and we always maintain it for vessel's safety even at hot summer and cold winter.


This shows maintenance for wireless unit GMDSS. This is important wireless unit which connects the lifeboat/raft and rescue team.


Fire fighting equipment is also very important for vessel's safety. We maintain the fire fighting extinguisher at the factory and others on board.


We are doing Gas calibration as well, a lot of safety equipments are installed on the vessel.


Start cooperation with Jiangsu Jiaoyan Enterprise Co., Ltd for Lifeboat & Davit afterservice around Hiroshima.